Bathroom Furniture


Wood remains one of the most preferred materials for making furniture. It brings a sense of confidence and dignity. The bathroom set is no exception. Natural wood is an expressive texture, noble tones, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the interior.

Solid wood furniture is ideal for arranging a bathroom.

Made byNoyan Lux Madera

More than 100 colors and thousands of combinations available to create! Choose the color you’d like and let the epoxy magic happen.

More information about the catalogue can be found, by requesting with the form below.

We guarantee that:
1)  Furniture quality will be high
2) It will be a unique project with unique pattern
3) Eco-Friendly (Our production is based on ecologically clear materials. So its safe for kids as well)
4) High durability

Guarantee period is 6-12 months.

Lets talk about it!

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